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Rellim Surveyors: Best Party Wall Surveyors in East London

  1. Are you looking to buy a new house or extend your current one with a party wall?

  2. Do you find any serious defects or problems with the party wall?

  3. Do you require advice on future maintenance issues, so that you can plan ahead within property?


Rellim Surveyors is a well-established Local RICS Regulated Party Wall Specialist that has built up an enviable reputation over many years. Party Wall Agreements, Awards, and Schedule of Condition Surveys are just a few of the services we offer.
We pride ourselves on our commitment to providing a professional and speedy service at all times, whilst maintaining the highest quality of work and competitive prices. 
Our surveyors are MFPWS, RICS & RPSA members which means we work to a higher standard, the highest in the industry, carrying out detailed inspections on every single survey we do.

Party Wall is an important paradigm to consider and can be challenging? Here how we can help you:

  1. We can assist you in determining which neighboring properties are subject to the Party Wall etc.

  2. You can request that we serve party wall notices.

  3. We can plan and agree on a party wall award (sometimes also referred to as a party wall agreement).

  4. We can create a schedule of the neighboring properties' conditions to guarantee that you are not held liable for pre-existing issues.

  5. We can advise you on your rights under the Party Wall Act, among other things.

Are you stuck in the party wall survey? Here is how we will help you:

  1. We ensure that all controls are in place to reduce the risk of property damage.

  2. We keep an eye on the construction activities and report any damage to your property.

  3. We work to the highest standards, and you can be confident that you will receive the best party wall guidance from a UK team of top party wall surveyors.

  4. We conduct business and residential building inspections and provide professional reports for a variety of reasons.

Our Methodology


 Our Surveying Practice is led by an experienced, disruptive, and entrepreneurial executive and management team with a proven track record of building innovation and delivery. Our RICS-certified surveyors are experts in homebuyer reports and Party Wall Awards.


Good Relationships

We as leading party wall surveyor east london aim to resolve matters in a way that promotes good neighborly relationships long after the Award has been agreed upon, which requires skill and tenacity in sometimes stressful situations for some homeowners.



Because of our experience, we can supply you with trustworthy guidance and complete services. If you or a neighbor is planning to work on the Party Wall and unsure of your rights or how to proceed, our expert counsel can help.

Why Hire Us?

We ensure that the party wall process is straightforward, with no surprises for you. We offer expert assistance on all aspects of party walls. We have knowledge and skill in various party wall challenges and can assist you with projects ranging from household additions to significant commercial buildings.


We have extensive experience preparing and serving Notices, Awards, and Access/Scaffold Licenses.

​Call us now for an initial consultation with a party wall surveyor east london or to get the party wall process started right away.

Our Process

Using electronic communications and technology to make the process as efficient as possible.

Building relationships with neighbours and answer any queries to make them feel at ease with the proposed works.

Carefully examining the works to foresee any risks and design information required to conclude the award.

What Our Clients Say

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