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chess homeless

We Are Proud To Support CHESS Homeless

As surveyors, we spend a good proportion of our time entering homes, and we feel it appropriate to consider those who are less fortunate not to have a home, based in Chelmsford, ChessHomeless was brought to our attention by the young children of our team. After spending some time with their staff learning about the good work they do, ChessHomeless is now our chosen charity and we pledge to commit a percentage of sales revenue from every survey we carry out to their good cause. Please visit their website we are sure you will agree.

Reducing environmental impact

We view environmental legislation and regulation as minimum standards to work to, we strive to reduce the number of resources consumed by operating virtually paperless offices and providing all of our reports in digital format. We promote and encourage sustainable travel wherever possible by reducing our carbon footprint in the community, our surveyors drive electrically powered motor vehicles when out and about surveying properties.

Whether you’re about to buy a new home or extend your existing one we can always give free advice.

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