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Quality Home Surveys by  Qualified Surveyors 

Official RICS HomeBuyers Surveys

Why do you need an RICS Home Survey?


Because forewarned is forearmed. Choosing the right survey will help highlight any serious problems and advise you of the specific risks before you commit to the process of buying or selling a property.


Reliable, easy to read and cost-effective, these reports carry the full weight of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors – the industry’s most respected authority on surveying.

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The RICS Home Survey – Level 1 (survey only)

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Choose this report if you’re buying or selling a conventional house, flat or bungalow built from common building materials and in reasonable condition.


This service includes:

  • a visual inspection that is less comprehensive than the RICS Home Survey – Level 2 and the RICS Home Survey – Level 3

  • clear ‘traffic light’ ratings of the condition of different parts of the building, services, and the grounds, showing problems that may require varying degrees of attention

  • a summary of risks to the building, people and grounds and.

  • an assessment of the relative importance of the defects and problems.

No tests of the building fabric or services are undertaken.

The RICS Home Survey – Level 1 does not include advice on repairs or ongoing maintenance and it does not include a valuation.

The RICS Home Survey – Level 2 (survey only)

Choose this report if you need more extensive information whilst buying or selling a conventional house, flat or bungalow, built from common building materials and in reasonable condition.

The focus is on assessing the general condition of the main elements of a property. This intermediate level of service includes a more extensive visual inspection of the building, its services and grounds, but still without tests.

Concealed areas normally opened or used by the occupiers are inspected if it is safe to do so (typical examples include roof spaces, basements and cellars). The report objectively describes the condition of the different elements and provides an assessment of the relative importance of the defects/problems.


The RICS Home Survey – This Survey does not include a valuation.

Rics Level 2 Homebuyers Report


home buyers survey
  • My neighbour wants to build a wall on the Boundry, can I refuse?
    Yes, however, it may be that one day you may wish to use the wall yourself. Call us before making any hasty decisions.
  • My neighbour has just started building an extension within 3 m of my property, and they have not told me anything, what can I do?
    Don't worry, it may be that your neighbour genuinely doesn't know they need to provide you with a Party Wall notice. Call us immediately. We're open till late, so we may be able to guide you both in the right direction.
  • I understand the Party Wall Surveyor fees are usually paid for by the Building Owner (Person carrying out the works), but if I am the neighbour and we both agree to use one surveyor, how does that work for me as an Adjoining Owner, Does that not create a conflict of interest?
    As professional RICS surveyors, Rellim Surveyors have a legal statutory duty to carry out our role impartially, regardless of who pays our fees. if both owners appoint us as an Agreed surveyor, you can rest assured your rights will be clearly explained and our focus will be on administering the Party Wall Act to protect your property.
  • I am having a new damp proof course, and the workmen said they will be chasing into the wall separating my neighbour and me; surely this is not notifiable works?
    Yes, most works you carry out on the Party Wall needs to be notified. Give us a quick call, it may be a simple case of providing the correct notice and if your Adjoining Owners assent, this would cost nothing at all and ensures you are compliant.
  • II am replacing my timber garden fence; how much will it cost to get an award?
    Nothing, the Party Wall Act does not apply to timber fences.
  • My neighbour wants to remove the garden fence and stand on my land wisely digs his foundation. Is this okay?
    Call us, as it may be circumstances where this is permissible but not always. Our advice is always free
  • Is there a Party Wall Surveyor near me?
    Headquartered in London, our team of fully trained and qualified Party Wall Surveyors operates from regional offices covering all London Borough postcodes and Home Counties. For inquiries, contact our main office at 0208 064 9980 or 07718991294, and we'll connect you with an office near you.
  • How much does it cost to hire a Party Wall Surveyor?
    While hiring a Party Wall surveyor may appear as an extra expense for your residential construction, Rellim Surveyors are known for providing cost-effective solutions that add real value to your project. Choosing Rellim Surveyors means investing in expertise and professionalism that can make a significant difference in the success of your construction venture. Contact us today to discover how we can contribute to the success of your project. Reach our main office at 0208 064 9980 or 07718991924.
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